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Anodised aluminium structure with vented polymer shelf inserts


Max. 120 kg per shelf
Max. 600 kg between 2 uprights
2 heights, 3 depths, 10 lengths

FERMOSTOCK 5711 is an attractively priced shelving system based on modular elements. It is suitable for cold store and freezing rooms, kitchens in catering and hospitality establishments and can easily support an evenly distributed load of up to 600 kg per shelf between two posts. The system is characterised by:

  • Extremely easy assembly (no tools required)
  • Simple maintenance
  • Very good resistance to corrosion
  • Effective stability and great flexibility

Fermostock 5711 complies with all production regulations and standards regarding hygiene and cleaning conditions  (NF031) and meets the most stringent requirements in terms of durability and strength. Thanks to the rounded corners and flat surfaces, the Fermostock 5711 system benefits from the NF Food Hygiene Label awarded by AFNOR CERTIFICATION, as well as the NSF Label.

All these qualities mean that Fermostock 5711 is recommended for dry storage areas for food, kitchenware or linen, as well as cold store or freezer rooms up to -40°C, catering kitchens, laundry rooms, laboratories and clean rooms.

The base rack system is constructed from a modular structure of two uprights and a number of shelves of your choice, comprising side rails and shelf inserts. The uprights are provided with the required fixation holes for the conical metal clips (a Fermod patent). The plug and fixation clips, which can be secured to the post at several heights, are made from an extremely resistant alloy. The side rails, which are available in a number of standard lengths, can then be easily secured to the metal clips. Finally, the maintenance-friendly plastic (polymer) shelves are mounted on to the side rails. They are suitable for temperatures of between -40°C to +80°C.

The extension rack system consists of one upright and a number of shelves of your choice. It is possible to connect two extension rack systems to a base rack. Afterwards you can continue with the extension rack systems in longer lengths or other models. Corner connecting elements (aluminium) are used to construct extension connections in a 90° angle (L, U, E or T configuration), which are installed across the side rails of the base rack system.

Uprights :

  • Square profile 23 x 23 mm, 20 micron anodisation
  • 3 cross bars, flat tube 40 x 12 mm with stainless steel bolts
  • Pre-drilled
  • Shelf adjustment at 150 mm increments
  • Lowest cross  bar at 140 mm from ground floor level
  • Grey plastic end caps on top
  • 2 heights: 1685 mm - 1800 mm (adjustment feet included)
  • Maximum number of levels (respectively): 10 - 11
  • Upright depths: 360 mm - 460 mm - 560 mm

Side rails :

  • Profile 12/10 - 40 x 17 mm, anodised aluminium
  • 10 lengths : 650 - 770 - 890 - 950 - 1070 - 1190 - 1310 - 1490 - 1610 - 1730 mm

Shelf inserts :

  • Grey polymer shelf inserts with oval perforations 56 x 42 mm
  • Upright depth 360 mm : useable shelf depth : 363 mm
  • Upright depth 460 mm : useable shelf depth : 463 mm
  • Upright depth 560 mm : useable shelf depth : 563 mm
  • 2 shelf insert sizes: 300 mm (Module A) - 420 mm (Module B)
  • Removable and dishwasher safe (max. +90°C)

Options :

  • Wall fixation and ground fixation

Load capacity Fermostock 5711 :

  • Max. 120 kg per level (evenly distributed load)
    Length < 1490 mm = 120 kg/level
    Length > 1490 mm = 90 kg/level
  • Max. 600 kg between 2 uprights
  • Max. 480 kg between two uprights with angle configuration