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Galvanized steel structure with full galvanized shelves (dry storage only)


Max. 150 kg per shelf
1 height, 3 depths, 3 lengths

The galvanised Linum LN650 shelving system for dry storage is a very robust shelving system based on the principle of modular elements and is suitable for all storage areas where cooling, air conditioning or moisture are of no concern. The innovative and reliable system is characterised by:

  • A flexible combination of posts and flat shelves
  • Assembly that does not require the use of tools
  • Easy cleaning
  • Fully open corners in the case of a corner configuration
  • A five-year warranty subject to appropriate usage

Linum LN650 shelving systems can be installed in a straight line as well as a corner configuration without losing stacking space in the corners. It provides a functional and stable result for years of carefree storage in all non-humid areas.

Linum LN650 is a flexible and innovative storage system for professional dry storage in food & catering establishments, linen storerooms in care institutions and hotels, archives, warehouse and workshop facilities, cash & carry shops & DIY stores.

With Linum LN650 you can choose between 12 base and 12 extension racks. Three lengths are available, each in three different depths. A base rack consists of two uprights, four full shelves and a diagonal cross brace. The cross brace guarantees the stability of the racks and is secured below the posts. Tools are not required for any part of the assembly process.

An LN650 extension rack consists of one post and four shelves. Extra shelves can be added if desired. You can connect additional extension racks in a straight line using an LN650 base rack. A cross brace must be installed every two racks (providing access on one side). To provide access on two sides or make connections at a free angle of 90° without losing any storage space (L, U or T configuration), the base rack is fitted, per level, with galvanised longitudinal connectors and corner connectors (instead of a cross brace).

Uprights :

  • galvanized steel – S280GD+ 140 g/m2
  • 1 height : 2000 mm
  • 3 depths : 400 mm - 500 mm - 600 mm (shelf depth)*
    > * Depth of upright with clamping bases included : +45 mm
  • preassembled
  • no perforations on the front side
  • clamping bases included to assure safe mounting
  • grey protective caps
  • 25 mm grid perforations

Shelves :

  • galvanized steel – S280GD+ 140 g/m2
  • 3 lengths (L) : 750 mm - 1000 mm - 1300 mm
  • 3 depths (D) : 400 mm - 500 mm - 600 mm
  • free space between 2 uprights = L - 45 mm
  • edge height : 25 mm
  • no perforations in the shelf surface

Optional extras and spare parts :

  • face beams for positioning shelves without shelf supports
  • galvanized riser plates (2 mm) for uprights
  • separate shelf supports , suspension brackets, protective caps und clamping bases

Load capacity Linum LN650 :

  • maximum 150 kg per shelf